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Calculating the range and approach of a cooling tower involves understanding the operating conditions and performance parameters. The range refers to the temperature difference between the hot water entering the tower and the cooled water leaving the tower. The approach, on the other hand, is the temperature difference between the cooled water leaving the tower and the ambient wet-bulb temperature. These parameters help evaluate the cooling tower’s effectiveness in transferring heat.

To calculate the range and approach, you need the following information:

  • Hot Water Temperature (HWT): The temperature of the water entering the cooling tower.
  • Cold Water Temperature (CWT): The temperature of the water leaving the cooling tower.
  • Wet-Bulb Temperature (WBT): The ambient temperature measured using a wet-bulb thermometer.

Once you have these values, follow these steps:

  • Keep in mind that the range and approach can vary depending on the specific cooling tower design, the type of cooling process, and the operating conditions. It’s essential to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and engineering specifications for accurate calculations. The manufacturer’s documentation will provide specific information on the cooling tower’s design parameters and performance characteristics.
  • Additionally, cooling tower performance is influenced by factors such as airflow, water flow rate, cooling tower design, and environmental conditions. It’s important to consider these variables when evaluating the cooling tower’s efficiency and performance.
  • To ensure accurate and reliable calculations, consult the cooling tower manufacturer’s guidelines, engineering references, and any applicable industry standards for the specific cooling tower you are working with. These resources will provide you with detailed information and formulas tailored to the specific cooling tower design.

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